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11 Birthdays (2009)

11 Birthdays (2009)

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0545052394 (ISBN13: 9780545052399)
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Summary: In the book 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass the two main characters Amanda and Leo get into a fight. They have had their birthday every year since they were little but since they are in a fight they don't this year. The day of Amanda and Leo's birthday they don't go so great so they just tag along that day and they don't really care. When they wake up the next day they both realize that everything is exactly the same as yesterday. Amanda knew the days were repeating but didn't know how and she thought she was the only one that knew the days were repeating. Until she noticed Leo was acting different than "the day before". They had to get back together and figure out together how to stop the day from repeating. With a little bit of arguments, getting in trouble, and trespassing, they figured out how the days were repeating and they figured out they just needed to become good friends again.recommendation: I recommend this book to people because in the book even though the two main characters get in a fight it shows that you can get over it and become friends with someone because its bad to give up on someone. Another recommendation why you should read this book is because it explains the setting very well, and you can picture the places the characters are in your head.Interview:Me: How did you feel about the days repeating?Amanda: I got really frustrated when everything came back day after day. Even the things I didn't want, like wearing a horrible itchy costume. I felt like I was the only person who saw that the days were repeating until I noticed Leo who was acting different every day. Then, I figured out it was his birthday and wondered was it something to do with that.Me: What was one thing that you learned from this?Amanda: I learned that even though you may be in a fight with your friend, you can't give up on each other, you have to get over it at one point, and talk it out.Me: How did you feel when you and Leo got to be friends again?Amanda: It felt really good to have someone that you knew forever back into your life. It made me feel so proud even though we had to go through days repeating. All that matters is that we are back together and found how to work it out. From the day Amanda Ellerby and Leo Fitzpatrick were born, they were friends. Each year, they celebrated there birthdays together. Until there tenth, when Amanda overhears Leo telling his friends it was all a joke, he only pretends to like Amanda. From then on they don't speak a word to each other, until their eleventh birthday, when everything changes. Old Angelina starts popping up everywhere, no one comes to Amanda's party, and Amanda doesn't make gymnastics try outs. But the best part of the book is when Amanda and Leo learn what it means to have a true friend. The first book in the wonderful Willow Falls series will leave wanting more and wondering what it would be like if you lived in Willow Falls. I recommend it for anyone of all ages, boys and girls, who wants to be engrossed in a good book.

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Cute and sweet. Groundhog Day for kids.

very good don't remember much of it...

it was,,,ok....kinda confusing

So. GOOD!!!!

Fun book

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