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La Fórmula Preferida Del Profesor (2008)

La fórmula preferida del profesor (2008)

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About book La Fórmula Preferida Del Profesor (2008)

A somewhat odd but very charming book. Translated from the Japanese. A Mathematics professor had an accident which caused brain damage. His mind is still very sharp; however, his memory lasts for only 80 minutes. So he "starts from scratch" every 80 minutes. He retains his marvelous math abilities and solves difficult mathematical puzzles. Into his life comes a housekeeper and her young son. This is the story of the relationship between those three people and their mutual love of baseball. I learned many interesting facts about mathematics and some history of Japanese baseball by listening to this book. This was a lovely book that had a feeling of magic and greatness in it. I love numbers and the way the magic of the equations and numbers was explained was joyous! I did wish there were more!This is my first book I have read translated from another language and I thought it was beautifully written with elegant prose. It was a lovely, easy to read story with characters that were easy to like.I did feel some of the baseball scenes dragged on a bit, but overall I would certainly recommend this book.

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Gentle, calm great read.A weekend vacation on the back porch--here it is.

I love math and fiction so of course I love a book with both.



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