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Das Geheimnis Der Eulerschen Formel (2013)

Das Geheimnis der Eulerschen Formel (2013)

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About book Das Geheimnis Der Eulerschen Formel (2013)

داستان از زبان یک خدمتکار روایت می شود که در خانه یک پروفسور ریاضیات کار می کندپروفسور چند سال پیش تصادف کرده و حافظه اش بعد از تصادف فقط 80 دقیقه کار می کندپروفوسر به اعداد و روابط بین آنها علاقه زیادی دارد و کتاب به نوعی در مدح اعداد و ریاضیات استپ.ن: کتاب را دوست نداشتم اوایلش داستان خوب پیش می رود اما از یک جایی به بعد کسل کننده و یکنواخت می شود At first I was disappointed with this book; only because The Diving Pool sucked me into its strange little worlds with fascinating description (though slightly twisted!), by contrast the Housekeeper and the Professor was written in with a very simple, straightforward style, save a few nicely rendered moments...when the thunderstorm descends, for example. I love Ogawa's sensual writing though and I do wish there'd been more.But eventually I learned to suck satisfaction out of the little kindnesses of the relationships between the main characters. I was familiar with the math that the housekeeper learned, but some of it only via Discrete Math, which is more advanced than a lot of people get to (proofs of conjectures about primes > 2, or about factorials, for example), so I reconnected with the math fondly.There were many instances of situations where characters worry needlessly, which I think is the meat of living. These felt more honest than excessive drama. Nobody was badly hurt, nobody saved the world; these are just three people trying their best with what they have and being nice to each-other in the process. So the final and ultimate proof presented by this slight little book is that good begets good; and morality is in the small (often unremembered) acts & sacrifices we make for those we care about.In the age of the morally ambiguous, the unapologetically selfish, and the anti-hero, then, it arrived, for me at least, as an understated but much needed breath of fresh air.

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A very short and enjoyable story. I really enjoyed the simplicity of it.

Quick, easy read with a lot of heart! Loved it!

Utterly charming

Delightful book

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