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Úklony & úklady (2014)

Úklony & úklady (2014)

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I like books with brave and intelligent girls and women who can solve problems on their own. This fits the bill nicely. Lots of kooky characters (the dandy vampires were a hoot) and some good laughs.The one thing that bugs me has nothing to do with Ms. Carriger's writing. The girls in the book are only 14 and 15 years old. But the cover model looks 30. I mean, she's a pretty woman but the cover model just doesn't look like a young teenager. I watched the trailer for this book, which is very funny, but none of the women in the trailer looked like 15-year-olds. But it's a fun read, even if the cover model looks more like a Vogue model than a Victorian teenager. I found out that Finishing School #3 had come out, and I hadn't read #2 and didn't remember #1 ...This book was a delight, I didn't want to put it down, can I please not go to work and just continue reading it? Steampunk at its finest, with a plethora of diverse female characters with diverse interests and orientations. We have an inventor, an talented young spy, a young lady who just wants to grow up to be a normal lady in society, a daughter of a werewolf pack, and a snooty upperclassman in need of an attitude adjustment.If this book was imperfectly plotted, I didn't really care. I was having too much fun reading it, and enjoying the story. Definitely worth reading for those who like the genre.

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This is just pure Victorian-era steam punk fun.

Review to follow.

So very fun.

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