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Kitty Raises Hell (2009)

Kitty Raises Hell (2009)

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0446199540 (ISBN13: 9780446199544)
Grand Central Publishing

About book Kitty Raises Hell (2009)

Kitty is a pretty cool werewolf chic, who hosts a paranormal radio talk show. In this urban fantasy book, she is fighting a fiery demon who followed her back from Vegas ... in a prior series read. The characters, other werewolves, a vampire, some ghostbusters, and a psychic help solve the mystery of why the fire entity is attacking and help find a way to stop it. I liked Kitty okay, but the story didn't grab my attention. Having picked up book six, without knowing the back stories in previous books, it was a little confusing at first. This is a first and probably last of the Kitty Norville series that I'll read. Not my go-to genre. Just an audio to get me to work and back. Kitty Raises Hell is a continuation of the previous book in the series, Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand. Even though Vaughn does a pretty good job relaying the back story, it would be preferable to read these two books in order to fully appreciate what is going on. Kitty is back in Denver but still has to contend with the mess unleashed in Vegas; it followed her home. The vampires are playing the Long Game, made obvious by the appearance of a vampire even older than Rick; Odysseus Grant remains an enigma with every question about him still unanswered. On the plus side, I thought this book was better than the one immediately before it. Vaughn’s strength is characterization and we see Kitty and Ben’s relationship moving forward. Also more successful than in the previous is the introduction of more developed new characters to the series. This time around they are the on-screen personalities of a paranormal reality TV show.

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Pure vacation for the mind. Excellent writer... I never figure out ahead of time, who or what.

I am kinda hoping there will be more books to come!

A bit slower paced but still good, love the twists

Not the best one in this series...


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