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Killing Jesus: A History (2013)

Killing Jesus: A History (2013)

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0805098542 (ISBN13: 9780805098549)
Henry Holt and Co.

About book Killing Jesus: A History (2013)

This is a look at the life and times of Jesus from a historical perspective. Since not much is available to research, of necessity there is a lot left to "interpretation". I did get a better feel for the political context of the time of Jesus, but I felt a lot less confident in the "facts" presented in this book than his previous books. You can't help feeling the "Bill O'Reilly" touch in this, which isn't a particularly good thing in my view. O'Reilly has done a fantastic job of using the Gospels and other historic accounts to give a chronological piece of literature focused on the journey of Jesus. The reader is literally taken on the journey with Jesus. The use of historic sources, such as Josephus and the Gospels, provides authentic means to grasping the realities of Jesus' time. There are two aspects of this book that I appreciated most. The first, is the historical accounts that O'Reilly provides of Jesus' time. The societal context of the Roman Empire and Judea is impressively described. Given the economic, militant, and cultural contexts the journey of Jesus can be understood from an onlooker's view of His time. The second aspect I appreciated was the medically descriptive account of Jesus' passion. The reader is provided with a step by step medical analysis of what likely happened to Jesus on his journey of being beaten while carrying the cross. The medical analysis allows the reader to enter into greater sympathy and realization in "the passion" of Jesus. Overall, this story is a must read. It is not a spiritual book- it is a historical account of Jesus' journey.

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Entertaining book to read, but I question much of the historical accuracy.

Good read, some new facts I did not know -

This book has reignited my faith!

Great book.

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