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Keep Me Still (2013)

Keep Me Still (2013)

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We meet Layla who has been through so much tragedy that she has become an outcast. Landen has wanted love and attention what he got is abuse and attention. He is the star soccer player, a chick magnet, and army brat. As Layla and Landen find their way through obstacles we see what love and trust really means. We also see what happens when we are bogged down with self-doubt, self- loathing and self- hatred. The characters deal with all of the above. I thought this story flowed nicely and kept up with the plot or intention of the story. "You are the most dangerous kind of beauitful"After reading this story and their constant mention of milkshakes and the fact that I'm dieting at the moment. Makes me crave them even more so -_- Anyways I truly liked this story. It reminded me of Callie and Kaydens story though. Except, there was a lot more abuse in that book then this one. I liked both Layla and Landen characters. Layla was a tab bit whiny but other than that I liked her but I have to give it to her she always confronted Landen with anything. She didn't run away and not here him out well except for one time towards the end. Landen, he is very persuasive espically in the beginning. He had to know Layla. I sort of like that in characters. Ones that aren't afraid to go after what they want. Landen is indeed an amazing character. He gave up everything for Layla and would do it over again. Overall, I honestly didn't know what I was getting myself into when I first started reading this book. I never read the synopsis of the book. But I'm glad I didn't because this book probably be on the backburner and never ending TBR list. Hahaha.

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This book was ok, the girl in the book was a bit whinny.

Oh, man. Oh, man. I loved this book too much.


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