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Just Remember To Breathe (2012)

Just Remember to Breathe (2012)

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0988273608 (ISBN13: 9780988273603)
Cincinnatus Press

About book Just Remember To Breathe (2012)

SPOILER ALERT!!Another good quick read. Alex Thompson, one of the younger Thompson sisters is at Columbia when she runs into the boy that broke her heart. Dylan Paris & Alex met on a trip in high school & fell in love. After the trip he goes into the army where he is injured. He ends up at Columbia through a wounded vet program. Alex & Dylan are assigned to the the same work program job. Through the job they learn to get along again, heal from the hurt, & fall in love again. LOVED this story! Dylan's character is so realistic with some of our boys who have returned from war. The anguish he felt when he discovered that the series of events were started by one single misunderstanding was palpable. I wanted to cure him of his survivor's guilt right there along with Alex. I also loved Alex as a character. She had depth and was strong, yet very emotionally vulnerable at the same time. I loved them together, and I ached when they were apart. Everything I look for in a great romance! This was my first read by this author (because of Aestas Book Blog's review), and I will DEFINITELY be reading the rest of the series.

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I liked this one a lot better than the first! Onto the next...

Lindo, lindo lindo!!Recomendado :)

Dylan stole my heart ❤️❤️

2.5 stars

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