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James (2013)

James (2013)

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***BETA read for author in exchange for an honest review***06/08/13I have been not so patiently wait for James!! The build up to this novel has been intense. I am so happy we get to read all about this man, and of course fall in love with him as we have with every Steele/Jackson man *sigh* they really are swoon worthy! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and once again have stayed up all night to read it even though I have to be at work in a few hours!! Thank you Chantal, you have such an amazingly gifted mind and you have exceeded my expectations ( that were EXTREMELY high) for James and for that I am truly grateful! You have managed to break my heart, fix it and give me two character that I fell hopelessly in love with.James now joins his brothers and Ryder on my favourites list. 'What if I still had Sasha?What if I were still happy?What if I didn’t fucking miss her every day?What if I didn’t let my job push away the woman I love?'Oh James. You pulled me in with the FIRST page!! what if indeed....Then we have Sasha, if I though James had a killer first page, Sasha had me blown away in the first paragraph!! Damn I wasn't expecting that!!! My jaw hit the ground, and this is where I would usually call my girlfriends to vent and gush, but alas you can't do this as a BETA!! What a powerful read and I mean that in a very positive and spectacular way! Anyone reading this I think will be hooked after the first 3 pages! I am going to have a book hangover tomorrow, as I could not stop!!These brother will always have a special place in my heart. They are big and tough, sweet and kind, and have the best sense of humour!!“Nikki is innocently playing with the kids, and you’re staring at her tits,” I say with a chuckle.Kade narrows his eyes at me. “This is the last time you will speak of my wife’s delectable breasts.”I burst out laughing.So did I James, so did I! When it's finally revealed what it is that James does for a living I was so so happy! If you loved this man before, be prepared to fall even harder ladies! AMAZING! It shows so much more of his life in depth. I really didn't think it was possible to love this man anymore then I already did, but he got me! Chantal you seriously kick ass!! I have fallen hard and fast for everything you've written and As I've said before I want my own Steele/Jackson man pleaseeee?!? Just write me into the next story and I'll be a happy lady ;)'When a man treats you like a princess, you can tell he’s been raised by a queen. And I have no doubt that Lucy is nothing but a queen.'One thing I really enjoyed about this novel is that nothing was rushed! We have two people that have very deep, very real feelings for each other, and always have, they've been through so much resulting in deep seeded problems they need to fix and they take the time to explore each other, talk to each other and most importantly FORGIVE each other before they start their new relationship. I think this is a vital part of any healthy relationship, and the author really captured this perfectly. The first date and the sediment behind it was beautiful. I don't think orange tulips or peaches will ever be the same for me :)I loved reading all about the rest of the family. Finding out bits and pieces from previous books as well as new information like who the special ladies are that are expecting again..... ;)I love Tee! I really hope she gets a book!!“I thought I’d liven the place up a little. Besides if I were a man, we all know I’d have the biggest penis.”Sax, well, I have a soft spot for this kid now! I'm really hoping he make more of an appearance in the future books ;) hint hint !! Nancy is well...I have no words, she did add some Drama! I liked that it wasn't dragged out, I find this happens a lot and it does my head in! There were Lots of ups and downs, this story definitely wasn't boring, that's for sure, it also wasn't over the top, it had a perfect balance of all the nesasary attributes needed for a great novel. Boy oh boy James, I will say out of all the 'Resisting' series YOU gave me the biggest shock !!The ending was all wrapped up nicely and I look forward to hopefully seeing more of them in Derek's story :) I am happy to recommend this to everyone that loves a spicy romance with depth especially those of you that like second chance love stories :)

4.5 Stars!!!!Well, Chantal has done it again! Another amazing book! Seriously, can this author write a bad book??? I think not! I am absolutely THRILLED that things with James FINALLY get explained (where he was always running off to or why he was never around)!!! And it was well worth the wait (Even though it was not revealed until about halfway through this book!).This book follows the story of James and Sasha. Yes, the same James that I was drooling over in the beginning of the first book (Chase). The amount of hot guys in this series is almost unfair... ALMOST. I mean, how on earth am I supposed to pick just ONE book boyfriend from this series... can't I just have them all?Sasha had left James because she was certain he had cheated on her. One drunken night allowed her to put her guard down so that they were able to have a single night of pleasure once again. After that night, Sasha traveled to Scotland, staying with her cousin Trey, and it was there that she gave birth to her baby boy. When she returns home to Australia, all it takes is one look at her son Jye for everyone to know that James is the father. Needless to say, he is heartbroken to find out he had a son, and that he missed out on the first sixteen months of his life. Over the past couple years, the feelings that Sasha and James had for each other never died away. And seeing each other once again, and James finding out he is the father just intensifies these feelings. But Sasha does not want to let him get too close to her. She will not allow herself to be hurt once again by the man she never stopped loving. James however, will not simply accept that... he has things from his past that he needs to tell Sasha, to try and make her understand. When she finally relents and lets him back in, will the love they still have for each other be enough to keep them together, especially when the truth comes out? With things from both of their pasts coming to light, can their relationship survive this time around?"I love this face. So f**king beautiful. Your lips. You were made for me."Now James, he is one kinky man. Seems to be a bit of a Dom in the bedroom which leads to some kick ass sex scenes. I just wish those scenes were a little longer because they were so HOT! But he is also such a sweet and kind hearted man. It's no wonder Sasha can't keep her hands off of him." "James?" she says my name huskily, her voice raspy with pleasure. "Yeah." "F*ck me," she begs."With the perfect blend of Family, love, suspense, and a little humor, this is one book you will not want to miss out on!for more

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I have wanted to know more about James and his secrets for so long that I couldn’t wait for this book to release. So when I got asked to review this book I jumped at the chance and let me tell you Chantal did NOT disappoint me with his story at all! James has secrets that ruined his relationship with Sasha years ago but the two of them have never gotten over one another. Then after a drunken night together Sasha runs off to Scotland to visit her cousin so she can finally get over James once and for all. But things don’t always go as planned and she ends having secrets of her own that she must deal with when she comes back almost two years later. But can these soul mates get past all the hurt and secrets to finally have their happy ever after. You will have to read the book to find out all the secrets and if they can finally forgive one another since I don’t want to spoil this amazing book for you.Each book in this series just keeps getting better and better. I absolutely love the Steele brothers and I have wanted to know James’s secrets since book one. Well let me tell you finding out all about him only made me love him even more. His love and protectiveness for Sasha stole my breath away just as his brothers in the first books did. Sasha is defiantly a girl I could see myself hanging out with. She is laid back but you do not mess with her loved ones or her claws will come out and they are sharp when she feels you have done wrong to her or her family. This book defiantly lives up to the previous books with the HOT and SEXY. Because when Sasha and James come together their chemistry burns the pages it’s that smoking HOT! But don’t take my word for it run out and buy this book and while you’re at it get all the books so you can meet the Sexiness of the Steele brothers for yourself. 5/5 Bloody Fangs

**BR with Sara and Sammy!**If you have not read the other 3 books in the series,Chase, Kade & Ryder, I would suggest you do so before reading James. You will get a better understanding of everything happening and a better understanding of the characters in the book and how they all fit in together.James has always been secretive about his line of work. Throughout all the books, I tried to figure out what his profession could be. You won't find out until later in the book, exactly what he does for a living that keeps his profession so secretive. There were time that he would disappear for days at a time and when he came back, he seemed to have bruises on different parts of his body, that he would never explain fully how he had gotten them. It was always a mystery where he went and what he did. When you do find out what he has been keeping so quiet, you will understand what a loyal and honest and trusted man he really is. James had two secrets that he kept from Sasha. Not only his profession, but also a secret that could potentially ruin any chance at a relationship that he may have with Sasha. Although his profession has had to remain quiet, the one person that he should have confided in the whole time was Sasha. He didn't tell her what he did, until he was forced into it for a couple of reasons, which I will not say as it would ruin the book. Sasha too had her own secret. Sasha and James had a brief encounter that brought complications. Sasha had left town for for two years, taking her secret with her. Sasha knows that when she returns that her secret will be revealed and it may not be taken well. You still got to see the fun loving, loyal but feisty side of Sasha, but you also got to see a warm loving side of her.The whole time that James and Sasha were apart, they never forgot their feelings for one another. When Sasha returns, her and James try to work on their relationship, but it is not without complications. There are people that do not want them to be together and will stop at nothing to complicate situations even more. James and Sasha got a second chance to start over. They were able to explore their feelings for each other and learned to forgive and trust each other and move forward.There was many ups and downs in the story. There was passion, anger, hurt, betrayal, big secrets, humor, love and sex. One thing I loved was how most of the characters made an appearance in each book of the "Resisting Love" series. It helped tie all the books together and fill in the pieces of what happened in each of the other books in the series.I would definitely recommend reading the all the books in the series. Thank you to Author Chantal Fernando for kindly providing the ARC to our Smexy Bookaholics blog in exchange for an honest review!
— .•*¨`*•✿ ✿•*¨`*•. J. Katherine .•*¨`*•✿ ✿•*¨`*•.

Awnn, this story was really sweet.This book had everything going on. Great couple, great chemistry, great story line.I loved pretty much every thing about it except one minor detail.Every time there was a little drama, it just got fixed so, SO quickly.Every single time, nothing really happened, so you didn't really get the 'Omg, what's going to happen' feeling in this book.Things just got resolve really easily.But apart from that, amazing book, just like all the rest of them. Can't wait for Derek's Story!
—✩ Alexandra the Smutaholic ✩

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