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Invisibility (2013)

Invisibility (2013)

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0399257608 (ISBN13: 9780399257605)

About book Invisibility (2013)

I personally think that a 3 star rating is pretty good. However, I know some people see that as a reason to stay away from the book. The story line was interesting. The book managed to incorporate a fantasy feel in a normal world which I appreciated. It was just that sometimes I felt like it was a bit childish. Some of the dialogue seemed forced - as if the authors just needed to lengthen the chapter so they added some dialogue to add "humour" but it didn't really work for me. Also, the love story was a bit cheesy but I managed to look past that.I wouldn't say this is a big that everyone MUST read but it's not a bad book to read. It's entertaining which is what we want at the end of the day right? This book started out with an interesting concept, but unfortunately it fell flat for me. The start was good and had me interested but as I progressed through it it got far to complicated. To many things going on with the story and it seemed to get off track. The characters didn't so much as develop as change into different people than who we had been introduced to at the start of the story. The plot changed from a teenage romance into a paranormal mystery half way throughout the novel. It wasn't blended very well together and it was like reading tow different story's. Overall I must say that I found it to be a slog to get through and didn't enjoy reading it.

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I loved it, wish there was a sequel to the way it ended. Nonetheless the story line was amazing.

3.5 starsor like 3.6899 starsI really enjoyed this. I absolutely love David Levithan.

the characters are sweet, vulnerable and raw but the storyline isn't working for me.

I thought that this book sucked!!!


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