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Infinite Possibilities (2000)

Infinite Possibilities (2000)

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Once again I am amazed. This book had me and my emotions going all over the place. It was a great ride as well as this great book.I am a fan of Lisa's writing and I am honest in my reviews and I really do believe in these first two books of The Secret Life of Amy Bensen. When I first looked at the cover of the books I didn't expect what was written inside. Excellence jumped out from the pages. I am once again in love with another series of hers.Bravo Renee!!!!Amy No, no, no. Why did I read this book?? 1.5 Stars, since I finished the book. You know sometime you just have to finish a series, even though you don't particular like the book. That's where I stand with this series. ->this book made me so mad, I wished I never read the first book, thus I never have to read book 2 just have some sort of conclusion. The story continue with Amy took off after overheard Liam and Derek discussed about how Liam can easily handle Amy and etc. ->for a moment there I thought this is the twist, but I was wrong again. So Amy was working from diner to diner, and her method for traveling one city to another, by getting rides from semi-trucker.->I know right. However, given Liam's status and someone as powerful as he was. Liam found Amy, and he wasn't the only one looking for her. Amy goes back to NYC with Liam, and they stay in Liam's home. ->At this point I just want something, anything to happen.One night at Liam's very secured home, the fire alarm went off. It turn out Meg set some small fire outside (that's right) the building. Authority arrived, Liam insisted Amy getting check out, then he left her alone with the paramedic staff. ->Do you see what's wrong here? Remember how Liam was all not letting Amy leaving his sight. But he left her alone here. Some one passed a note to Amy, turned out Meg was the one started the fire and trying draw Amy out of Liam's protection (yeah that's not suspicions at all). Because according to Meg, Liam is bad. So she wants Amy sneak out and leave the city with her, because she has info about Amy's brother, who by the way supposedly married this woman. ->How the heck Meg manage to find Amy in the first place?! Amy talked herself into leaving with Meg, even though she think Meg is lying. But she want to make sure the bad guys doesn't hurt Liam. So for Liam and her brother, she is leaving Liam, again. ->Here we go again. ->Amy's pattern in this book goes, "we have to find out what happened to my brother", "I am leaving you Liam, because I don't want you to die". This goes around, then back around. Turned out Chad was involved with some underground treasure hunt group, and he became too greedy and took a outside job from a very dangerously powerful person.->So yes, at least we do find out how it all started. But no, we still don't know what Chad found that the bad guy wants so badly that he killed Amy's parents. ->I just want to know the ending, but NO.->This book basically has no ending. Instead of two book series like I originally thought, there will be a third book with Amy's brother Chad (so he is alive after all)'s POV. Which I can tell you right now I will not be reading.

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Thi z book was amazing! I was blown away by my addiction to it. I cant waitforcorsaken to comeout.

rozhodla jsem se, ze si nebudu ublizovat.... mozna nekdy za hodne dlouho... ale... spis ne :D

3.5 stars

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