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Escaping Reality (2000)

Escaping Reality (2000)

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About book Escaping Reality (2000)

This book started out exciting and ended the same way. I will be starting the next book write after I finish this review. I read this book within 3 nights. I would of finished earlier but I was sick one night.This book has everything in it. Excitement, laughter, sincerity, love, and passion. I just can't believe I am so eager to hurry up to read the next book.Lisa Renee Jones is such a wonderful writer that all books make you thrilled to hurry and read the next book in any series she writes.The characters in this book are amazing. Amy on the run because of her and Liam is a big question mark. The only thing that I know that is real or seem real is that they are very passionate about each other. Their relationship is extreme.If anyone reading this review have a chance to pick up this book, please do so!!!!Lisa, you have done it again, A WONDERFUL book. I generally like books with plots like this and an edge of mystery to it and for all intensive purposes this book drew me in for the first few days, until, I got to the part where they first met, I felt that the author was grasping at straws to create some form of connection. This to me left holes in the story and made the main story of the main characters and entirely unconvincing and a somewhat contrived romance. 2.5 stars.

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Love Lisa Renee Jones' books! This book is a romance & mystory in one book.

It was ok. Not sure if I will read the next one.

FLAWLESSS :D defnitely a must read ;)

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