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Independence Hall (2008)

Independence Hall (2008)

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1585363251 (ISBN13: 9781585363254)
Sleeping Bear Press

About book Independence Hall (2008)

In my oppinion this book is really good. Basically its about a guy named Roger, who gets married to a woman named Blaze. Their family is going on a "Road Trip Vaction." They are very whealthey because they using a 750k moartor coach on the trip. This book is classifyed as a Action, Adventure, and Mystery. If anyone is interested in these types of books, i would recommend this one. I havent finished it yet, but i already like all the side comments and puns Roland Smith uses. This is an awesome book! It is filled with mysteries and really the end of each chapter keeps you wanting more. Two kids, Angela and Q, are dragged into being secret agents and they will go until they figure out the case. With their step parents being huge pop stars and someone following them, they need to watch everything and be super, super, careful. A little confusing at times, so I will give this book 4 stars.

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I enjoyed this book. It had suspense and intrigue and very little gore.

I thought that it was a great book and I can't wait to read the sequel.

Pretty good but it had a slow start.

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