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In This Moment (2013)

In This Moment (2013)

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Rarely does a story truly resonate within me. Unteachable was one novel that I have gone back to read over and over again. I have a feeling that this book will be added to that list. Something about the heartache and pain is truly griping. It is real. Alive. It's poetic and beautiful in it's agony. The words for loss are like the protagonists description of a former lovers smell, like a song you knew but had forgotten. You remember it...understand it...have experienced it...and relive it once again. OH THERE YOU ARE!!! I've been looking for you this whole time. A New Adult book with beautiful writing, character development and gorgeous story! The unicorn of the book world! I was worried you didn't exists... but you do!!Apparently you can judge a book by it's cover because ALL Autumn's covers are stunning. Which initially had me thinking... no, it's too good to be true.But it's not too good to be true. I feel like this was the book I've been looking for. With NA, I'm always either upset by lack of story, or bad writing, or terrible dialogue. BUT THIS. This is none of those. The prose is beautiful. The characters are all broken but relatable. I normally hate stories about grief, but Autumn (we are on a first name basis in my heart) did it RIGHT. Not so heavy that I was annoyed, and not so light that I felt it wasn't apart of the story. It felt like I had lost my friend, that hopeless abyss that you resign yourself to when you are grieving. Her writing reminds me a little bit of Colleen Hoover, but only in story pacing. She's more lyrical than Colleen, and it's AWESOME.You have heard this story before, we all have, but now you are hearing it RIGHT. It's been done justice. I am so glad I read this. Ms. Doughton is my new favorite author. ON TO THE NEXT AUTUMN DOUGHTON BOOK!

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This is Real. I loved this story and the characters. Doughton's storytelling is refreshing.

Not bad. Pretty standard story. I wasn't blown away but it wasn't terrible. It was okay.

After reading this book, I find the cover really disturbing.Anyway....

This book was really a great read.

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