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Im Zauber Der Sirenen (2010)

Im Zauber der Sirenen (2010)

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About book Im Zauber Der Sirenen (2010)

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this book. But the whole plot was really great and I was driven by it. Vanessa Sands came to Winter Harbor with her parents and sister like every year to spend there summer holidays. But the first day of their stay her sister Justine jumps off the cliff and kills herself. Everybody thought that was suicide but not Vanessa. She came back to Winter Harbor to find out what really happened. She will discover the truth not only about her sisters' death but also about her past. I couldn't put away this book. If you don't have time to read it at once, don't even start it :) The Siren is a book to be read in 5 days in the maximum. It's an ejoyable and thrilling book and for those who are tired of love triangle haha.I think the 200 pages were really good, this first volume is more focused on the mystery of death of Vanessa's sister and not in the sirens. Speaking of which, I don't really know if the creatures of the sea were really sirens or mermaids because there is a big difference between them, but I'm not sure mermaids can really lure men, but I know sirens can. Which was also pretty weird was the fact that the author didn't discribe the tails of them o_O I was wondering how the sirens looked, but I couldn't do it so well because I didn't know if they in fact had tails lol. But anyway, this book did had some fails, and some really funny ones lol like some characters knew things they weren't supposed to know because nobody told them! And out of a sudden they were talking about it as if they knew a lot but how!? Nobody told them loool! It was pretty weird and it didn't happen only once. But I think this book is really cute and original. I gave 3 stars because of the end which was really fast and not so explanatory and because of these funny fails. It made me a bit confused :/ but it was an easy book to get engaged in and I recommend it :). All the characters were really good and likeable, all them had a lot of secrets which were discovered afterwards. I loved the romance between Vanessa and Simon, it's really cute and was really natural and possible xD. But the best part was the mystery, it was really good and exciting.Cannot wait to read the next volume! o/

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