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Il Ciclo Di Vita Degli Oggetti Software (2011)

Il ciclo di vita degli oggetti software (2011)

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886530183X (ISBN13: 9788865301838)
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About book Il Ciclo Di Vita Degli Oggetti Software (2011)

Un software da istruire è come un bambino da allevare: cresce, si sviluppa e forse diventa indipendente. Ma se ha una coscienza è una persona? E se è una persona, lo puoi trattare come un qualunque oggetto tecnologico, che quando diventa obsoleto lo butti via? Ma un buon romanzo di fantascienza narra soprattutto una storia e queste domande sorgono spontanee nella piacevole lettura di questa bella scoperta tanto semplice quanto profonda. It is natural that Asimov's Bicentennial Man come to mind. To be honest that's exactly what I was looking for: a SF novel that had the same evocative(or premonitory) power then Asimov's masterpiece.The point of view is unusual: it is an omniscient "neutral" narrator, which speaks in third person, using the simple present; he adheres almost exclusively on what he sees or hears, remembering an observer who takes notes. The expression "I love you" only appears 2 times in the whole story: "I love you, Jax," "love you too". We are halfway book and the shot comes unexpected. Love is not a matter of course between a human character and "something" that no one knows yet exactly what it is and how it can evolve a self-consciousness. Thus, when these words are uttered it is a crucial moment. But it is described with simplicity and economy.The story without frills.As in every good SF work, there's a philosophical problem to be explored, a situation never occurred that requires a recalibration of the ethical system. The new object is a "robot". In order that a "robot" be saved, a human or a robot must sacrifice himself, making a choice that is identical in giving up a considerable part of their free will. And another human is in the position of having to choose between the man and the robot.Sexuality of "robot" is another aspect that Chiang explores as if he had this "robot" before his eyes.Surprising. But I understand that to someone this novella may seem flat. This is one of those writings that requires a significant contribution from the reader, that contribution is to stop mid-sentence and lost in thought.

Do You like book Il Ciclo Di Vita Degli Oggetti Software (2011)?

Interesting as a thought experiment but didn't really work as book for me.

Rather abrupt end, though I'm not sure if that's an entirely bad thing.

Ted Chiang is awesome!

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