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Ted Chiang

Ted Chiang
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Books by Ted Chiang


Il ciclo di vita degli oggetti software (2011)

Un software da istruire è come un bambino da allevare: cresce, si sviluppa e forse diventa indipendente. Ma se ha una coscienza è una persona? E se è una persona, lo puoi trattare come un qualunque oggetto tecnologico, che quando diventa obsoleto lo butti via? Ma un buon romanzo di fantascienza n...

Il ciclo di vita degli oggetti software (2011) by Ted Chiang

Exhalation (2000)

An interesting short story that started off reminding me strongly of Asimov, but eventually established its own voice- sort of. With its first pages Exhalation presents us with a narrative that leaves us uncertain about the rules of this universe. The characters are clearly not people as we kno...

Exhalation (2000) by Ted Chiang

Stories of Your Life and Others (2010)

If you want to keep up with the Joneses in the scifi reading community you will have to read this short story collection. Considering he has published less than 50 stories and not a single novel Ted Chiang is one of today's best known sf authors among sf readers, this does not make him a househol...

Stories of Your Life and Others (2010) by Ted Chiang

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