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I Am Not A Serial Killer (2009)

I Am Not A Serial Killer (2009)

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0765327821 (ISBN13: 9780765327826)
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About book I Am Not A Serial Killer (2009)

Wow, that was fun! Disturbing but gripping and touching book about a teenager fighting with his inner demon and playing cat and mouse with a serial killer. While the killer is revealed about a third of the way through, it looses none of the tension as the who-done-it switches to a suspense thriller of how can the anti-hero save the day. John resembles the early form of Dexter, perhaps, but I found him much more sympathetic, learning to embrace the monster, while Dexter had already learned that and honed his skills. Can't wait to read the other two in the trilogy. This book was okay, but that's it.I expected a lot of suspense and moments where I couldn't put the book down, but unfortunately there weren't that many.. and when I found out that this story plays in the realm of the SUPERNATURAL I was a bit disappointed, I guess. But I still want to read the other two books, because if you want to or not, you root for John and you hope he won't ever give in to his urges.

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I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this book, except for the slight supernatural bit.

nunca había estado tan nervioso al final de un libro.

Le daria 4 estrellas pero me dejo traumada, asi que no

Absolutely amazing, loved it! 5 Stars! :)

Dexter for young adults.

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