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How To Eat A Cupcake (2012)

How to Eat a Cupcake (2012)

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About book How To Eat A Cupcake (2012)

This book is frothy, saccharine and easy to read on holiday. I wanted to like it a lot more, but unfortunately I found the cliches and stereotypes too hard to ignore. I disliked the two lead characters for their constant melodramatic whining and could not relate to Annie's fixation on what happened to her in high school over a decade before. Because there was no delving into the girls' relationship or closeness before their falling out, their friendship was both unbelievable and uninspiring. I didn't care whether they reunited or not.On a side note: yes, Annie's character showed a passion for baking, but what about Julia? I am so sick of reading about female protagonists with no interests apart from men, gossip, socialising and worrying about marriage and babies. For an alternative fluffy read about female friendship try "Summer Sisters" by Judy Blume. 2014 has been a rough year, so a friend recommended this book as something light. I have to say it was definitely light. The book explores friendship over time, how between high school, college, and our first career, we all change and grow. Holding on to old feelings and the past can possibly hurt your chance at friendship and renewal in the present. There was also a bit of mystery involved and in the end, a complete twist that I was not expecting. A quick, enjoyable read if you need something of a distraction during this Holiday season.

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Sweet story and easy to read. Nothing earth shattering here, but I enjoyed it.

Slightly predictable, but a nice warm and fuzzy book. I liked it overall.

I really thought this was going to be fluff, but it was great!

Light summer read.

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