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Das Beste Rezept Meines Lebens (2012)

Das beste Rezept meines Lebens (2012)

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About book Das Beste Rezept Meines Lebens (2012)

Former childhood friends Annie Quintana and Julia St. Clair are from opposite ends of the class spectrum: Annie is the daughter of Julia’s live-in nanny. While the girls grow up glued at the hip, a life-altering betrayal ultimately severes their childhood bond. As adults unexpectedly drawn back into each other’s lives, they decide to open a cupcake shop together. Now they must not only contend with a mysterious stalker and their own romantic dramas, but also confront their feelings of resentment and anger toward each other--without botching the cupcakery’s success.While predictable and simplistic at times, HOW TO EAT A CUPCAKE is as heartwarming as it is mouthwatering. Anyone who has ever had a falling-out with a good friend will relate to the complex emotions behind Annie and Julia’s tense dance. Despite their sometimes childish reactions to the cards they’ve been dealt, you will still find yourself rooting for them and their friendship.Of course, foodies will love this book too. Each twist and turn of the plot is flavored with tempting descriptions of Annie’s delicious, inventive cupcakes, so do NOT read this book on an empty stomach or while on a diet! Alright. I really enjoyed this book. Maybe because I needed something lighthearted and sugary (like the cupcake it is).Pros: I liked the dual writing and the switching between the personalities of Annie and Julia. It was nice to see their perspectives and watch them grow separately and together throughout the book.Character descriptions were great, and, let's face it, I was drawn in about cupcakes. I wish the book came with some of the recipes at the end; they sounded delicious!Cons: Could the foreshadowing be any clearer than day? There were parts that it was so blatant and literal it's like of course something will happen in the future in the book we know that part but tell the story as it is now. Also, Julia's character was not my cup of tea. Especially her "hospital moment" was dragged on for way too long, and you knew exactly what happened the first time it came up. Maybe it was a secret to the characters, but the readers picked up on it so quick it was more of a waiting game of "when will she just finally come out with it and put us out of the misery of holding onto it" All in all, if you want a fun, quick book to read, you will enjoy this book.Take it at face value: it's about cupackes, nothing crazy deep about that.

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I really loved this book. It was light and easy but the writing was so witty. I loved the Annie character and the way she talked especially when the chapter was in her voice. The chapters switch back and forth between Annie and the other main character, Julia. This seems to be a popular trend right now with books, which I am a little bored with but this book made up for it. I may be a little biased being that I am a cook and my dream is to own my own little shop, but from the first page to the last I really loved every minute. I had to make myself out it down and go back to work/life. That doesn't happen very often these days. There is a little bit of a plot twist you don't see coming, and that as a little more suspense and quick page turning right at the end. I recommend it to anyone who needs a fun, light book.

I chose to read this book because I love cupcakes!! I didn't know exactly what to expect but I found this book delicious. It's true that there are many clichés (the blonde rich girl and the curvy latina with a little bit of resentment for what happened during high school years). But I really didn't mind, I liked the flowing of the story that made me see the best on each character.I really wished Treat did exist near my neighborhood, so I could enjoy one of Annie's cupcakes!

Kind of predictable. Good, quick summer read.

Typical chick lit. Entertaining enough.

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