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Hollowland (2010)

Hollowland (2010)

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1453860959 (ISBN13: 9781453860953)
Amanda Hocking

About book Hollowland (2010)

Ok. Stop. Pause. Rewind.How could Amanda Hocking do this to me? How could she take me through an adventure filled with zombies, adventure and survival and end it on such a cliffhanger? It's like the cruellest form of literary torture!I have heard great things about Hocking's writing from a friend lately and decided to trust her judgement. That, ladies and gentlemen, turned out to be one of the best decisions of the year. Compared to Hocking's My Blood Approves series it was much more gritter and hard-hitting. In Remy's world a zombie virus has spread turning people into flesh eating beasts. After the quarantine where Remy and her younger brother Max is put under attack by zombies, Remy escapes with another girl named Harlow but her brother is evacuated north to another quarantine. Heading north with Harlow, Remy picks up a lion, a doctor named Blue and a rockstar named Lazlo. Honestly I have no words fit my feelings properly. Remy was strong, head-smart and positively kick-ass. Remy believes in the protection of others over herself and will sacrifice anything or everything to keep the people she loves and cares about safe. Lazlo was sweet but not the brightest spanner in the tool box. Still, he was well... HOT! He could be so kind when he wanted to be and he would always try to fight even if he wasn't the best at it. Blue was brave and even though he wasn't the most talkative, he was loyal and loving. Sadly, I have to say that I really didn't think much of Harlow. I know she's only 13 but even I had more sense than her at times. Yet, even though she was foolish and mostly babyish I can't bring myself to hate her. And finally, RIPLEY! She has to be my favourite animal character in any book. I just have to promise you that you will never be disappointed in this book and I'm seriously not kidding! This book will have you infected with something that will make you as hungry as a zombie. This book has EVERYTHING I look for in a good zombie book!Strong heroine ----- ditzy but lovable guy ------ zombies ------ animals ------ traveling ------ stragglers ------ fighting ------ and soooo much more!!We have the loner heroine who is looking for her brother after their quarantine is evacuated. Along the way on foot she meets up with a few others and a strange animal ---- as she makes her way up north, stragglers continue to join and she finds a strange love interest....but can this last?

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Engaging. But not the most intriguing plot or most amazing read. Lacked much imagination.

The writing is so immature that I stopped reading after the first 4 page.

Though I REALLY hate zombies (yuck) I really enjoyed this book.

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