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Himmelsbrand (2013)

Himmelsbrand (2013)

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I really, really wish this had turned out differently. I'm so disappointed I can't believe it.This series started out so great; I instantly connected with the main characters and fell in love with Clara's love interests too. The whole time you get it drilled in your head that Tucker is just the "human" love while Christian is her "purpose," or at least a part of every vision she has. Every single vision she has in these books has Christian in there in some way, and he in turn has visions that involve her. It's so in your face that they're the ones that are "meant to be" that you don't really question it. I felt like Tucker was supposed to find normalcy with Allison Lowell and really settle down. He was supposed to look at Clara wistfully every once in awhile, but understand that they are from two different worlds. Clara and Tucker were supposed to be content that they didn't actually belong together.Instead you have this awful back and forth. Clara keeps popping up at Tucker's barn and ruining his evenings. He's being an ass because it's his defense mechanism and she knows he's not really like that. It was all so hard to read, very cringe-worthy.And the end. Ugh I can't even get over how stupidly it ended. I hate to even say that, but it was stupid. You go through the emotions of Clara not being able to save Tucker with her glory, and then being with him in Heaven. They talk about moving on and how death isn't really so bad. There is a brief moment when you are like, "Yes, everything is falling into place exactly how it should."You think that she is going to wake up from her trip to Heaven and be upset but ultimately know that Tucker is okay in Heaven, and Christian is her future. Instead, you are slightly confused for a moment and then massively disappointed. Besides all that, there was insufficient closure, especially on Christian's side. He tells her he loves her and will pretty much wait 100 years for her to finally admit what she feels for him, but then the Epilogue just tells you that she still misses him and is uncomforable every time they talk about him. And where is he? By himself in Chicago apparently, with absolutely no happy ending.There is no word on Jeffrey other than a vague hope that he joins them for family dinner, and all you hear about Angela is that her tattoos are fading because of her love for Web and she seems at peace. But what about the war between angels?All in all, I'm happy I read the series because it kept me captivated for a good four days. Lately it's hard to even find a captivating series... Clara er ved at gøre klar til at tage på universitet, men det er svært at sige farvel til endnu et hjem. Det er svært at sige farvel til Tucker, ikke at det er noget problem, for han vil ikke snakke med hende. Clara og Angela har haft en god tur til Italien, men Angela har mødt en, en som Clara ikke mener er god for hende, eller for nogen af dem.Da de starter på universitet er alt dog nogenlunde godt - Clara får andre venner og finder ud af hvilken retning hun vil gå. Men kampen mod det onde lurer stadig i skyggerne og snart er hun igen overvåget af en Sortvinge, der vil have noget af hende, men hvad? Samtidig er der Christian. Forstående, fantastiske, forelskede Christian, der forsøger at give Clara den plads hun skal have efter bruddet med Tucker. Men når alt kommer til alt, er Clara så klar til et nyt forhold?Claras far, ærkeenglen Michael, dukker også op. Han vil træne hende og Christian til at kunne klare deres forestående vision. En vision hvor både Christian og Clara befinder sig i en dødbringende situation. Michael lærer Clara at flytte sig gennem tid og rum, men det er svært at fokusere på de steder hun skal hen, når der i bund og grund kun er et sted hun har lyst til at være - hos Tucker. Det ender i nogle pinlige situationer og hårde ord, som ingen af dem mener.Da Angela endelig kryber til korset og fortæller Clara sin hemmelighed, går sandheden op for dem. Ingen af dem er virkeligheden sikre, og da Sortvingerne tager Angela med til Helvede, må Clara træffe afgørende valg. Især da hun finder ud af at Angela ikke er den eneste de holder fanget. Hvad skal hun gøre?Det afsluttende bind af denne skønne serie skuffer bestemt ikke. Jeg har ventet længe på den, og må ærligt indrømme at jeg er tilfreds med slutningen. Jeg var godt underholdt hele vejen igennem, man føler med Clara og de valg hun må træffe, om hun skal følge hjernen eller hjertet. Clara håber at hun kan få et normalt liv, selvom hun godt ved at så længe der er Sortvinger derude der vil have noget af hende, er ingen sikre. Derfor må hun kæmpe, også selvom hun bestemt ikke bryder sig om det. Hun må også kæmpe for kærligheden, for den er ikke nem at glemme når den er altopslugende og fantastisk, men hvem vælger hun?

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I really liked this book but the ending was a little to much happily ever after for my taste

This was an awesome end to the series! I recommend it to everyone (that's a girl)

(Paperback $3.99 via Bookoutlet)

This is another must read!!

Not as good as the first 2

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