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Angyalnyár (2013)

Angyalnyár (2013)

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Maxim Könyvkiadó

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This most definitely contains spoilers.. it's a rant... I don't like Angela. What a petty, jealous, hypocrite.. for crying out loud, jeez. The way that she described her relationship with Phen is exactly how Clara could describe her feelings for Tucker.. but does Angela ever want to take a second to accept or understand that? No, because Clara is meant to fulfill her destiny no matter what and Angela is all-knowing and special and deserves to be the most valued one that gets to make her own decisions about every aspect of her life. Oh, and another thing, it's really starting to piss me off how Angela feels that she is entitled to all the secrets of Clara's life and is offended when Clara takes an opportunity to figure things out on her own, but the second that Clara asks about Angela nooooope. This rant has been building for the past 2.5 books.. thank you for bearing with me. It's becoming popular for YA series to have novellas that fill in little gaps between the stories. Originally, I really enjoyed them, but mainly because they showed more depth to the world. However, now they're becoming more and more a part of the story line, which I don't care for. They feel like they're just the intro chapters into the next book, rather than a short story about the world or characters.This novella is very guilty of that. It isn't a short story. It doesn't have a beginning, middle, and end, but feels like just the set-up to the next book. It really should have just been the first few chapters of the third book, rather than a separate novella.Beside that, I didn't really like that it was more about Angela than Clara. She's dealing with the death of her mother, the loss of her brother, and all the rest of her drama, but instead we're forced to watch Angela--who isn't particularly likable during this story. I'm fine with a character not being likable, but she acts like a spoiled brat to her best friend and I just found her obnoxious.

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Great insights on Angela. She has always been a mysterious character to me.

This was interesting, but didn't improve my opinion of Angela...

Cute. Filled in some gaps.

I loved this back story...

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