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Highlander Most Wanted (2013)

Highlander Most Wanted (2013)

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About book Highlander Most Wanted (2013)

Brief summaryThe story is about abused women(Genevieve) who finds her champion(Bowen). 1st book in the series-Never Seduce a Scot- must be read 1st before reading this book ,especially if you want to understand all the characters of the book. The end of book 1 is the beginning of book 2. Genevieve is a tortured soul throughout most of the book.Bowen is intrigued by her, which results in her past to be revealed to him.Although dead, Ian McHugh's evil side is further explored in this book by his prisoner, Geneveive. This story is about warrior on duty that finds his love with an unexpected tortured soul and she who finds her knight in shining armor.Negative pointsThis is my 5th Maya bank's book I have read. She tends to have surprising endings. The ending was a disappointment. One of the reasons I read a historical novel is to enjoy old fashioned love story. She has a tendency to make it modern in some of her books;unfortunately this was one it! If you love someone let her go and if she loves you back she will come to you...NONONO!!!!Why couldn't you just ask her hand in marriage.She has been already tortured so much and he just slept with her ,discussed marrying her to his brother but not with her...not my kind of love story. The ending was predictable and lacked excitement: Ohhh you back ...because you fell pregnant....NONONO. Positive pointsMaya Banks has a way with amazing words.these are my favourite quotes"The most unlikely of champions,and the most unlikely women to inspire a man to champion her cause""You are an angel sent from God at last" "I prayed for so long for one.I thought he had forgotten me,surely""You'll not ever have to beg me for anything,my love.If you ask me for the moon,I'll fetch it for you.""Tis glad I am of that ,lass,for tis the truth that you are more beautiful to me than a thousand Highland sunsets"This book reminded me of one of her other book-Seduction of a highland lass. Will I continue to read the next series?Of course,after all I loved Book 1 of Montogomerys and Armstrong(Made me laugh) and book 3 Never love a highlander(what a beautiful ending). What I liked the most about this book and found the most intriguing was the relationship between Genevieve and Ian McHugh. The cruel and deviant acts, including but not limited to the rapes, are vile. No question. However, I want to high five Banks for including something like this in a traditionally sappy sweet love story. It gave it grit, an edge.Violence and sexual assault wasn't just an abstract, a boogie man hovering in the periphery that the heroine might be threatened with. It was real, and all the angst towards Genevieve from her clan was accurate for the time period. Though a victim of rape, she was still ruined. The response of the primary characters, that the shame belonged to Ian and not Genevieve, sent a positive message.

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3.5/5Mignon mais Maya, trop de guimauve et de bons sentiments ne te ressemble pas!

Really liked this. Bowen is one of my favorite

Fantastic series. Keep them coming Ms. Banks.

Mignon, mais par moment un peu trop guimauve.


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