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Her Mates (2010)

Her Mates (2010)

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About book Her Mates (2010)

Her Mates by Suzanne Thomas, ok let me just say....... Whoa, please someone put out the fire! I don't know what to say but holy moley this book was HOT! And I don't mean just erotic hot, I mean seriously someone please poor some cold water on me hot!Now for starters I saw this book review yesterday and I would love to give credit for making me aware of it, but for the life of me I can’t remember. What I do remember was that she loved it and said it was a hot, sizzling, scorcher of a read! Ok, that is really all I needed to hear, short story, can read in an hour, shifters (were bears), sold!Well, yes it was insanely erotic I must say but out of the 60 some odd pages I would have to say (a guess) that the sex scenes were about 45 of those pages. LOL. Now I will say this once more, they were INCREDIBLE!!!! And strategically done. After all there were 5 men and one woman. Yes I said 5, I didn’t think it was possible but apparently it was and nicely done at that. But I thought it could have been a little more of an intriguing storyline. I got into the story right of way with Alice coming off the wagon train, the death of her father and the harassment for the single men a great concept. She needed a job to get away from the leader of the wagon train before he passed her off to the highest bidder per say. In comes Brand, one of 5 brother’s who is a were bear. Smelling his mate in town he searches for her until he convinces her that he has a job her at their ranch. A lie really, he just needs to get her back to the ranch and his brothers. Who are all just as sexy and beautiful as he is, she will be the mate to all of them. Now I was worried about the logistics of the situation. How the heck were they all going to fit on the bed?Let the games begin, because Alice isn’t even herself anymore, the mating heat and her inner bear which has been suppressed until now takes over. And boy it is good!If you are looking for a smoking read that I promise will knock your socks off then this is for you, the story isn’t bad, I just wish there was a bit more storyline to go with all the sex. Yikes, I can’t believe I just said that! ;-)Story, needed a little more depth. Because what was there was fantastic!Smoking hot, sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, burn me up sex scenes

Intense Hot Read! EROTICA GALORE!Remind me to stay away from were-bears - LOL Wow, to be a female Bear must be a bitch to have to have more than one male to get satisfyingly sated. Five Males in one night and several times has to be exhausting - LOL The story was short and extremely Sexually HOT when these five brothers bring their future mate into their home and finally bring her release when she goes through her first change as a Bear. The story was so intense that I had the whole book read within a couple of hours. However, I didn't like that it was all brothers mating to the same female but other than that, the story was interesting. One thing for sure, I wouldn't make a good bear because I don't like to share - LOL

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