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Suzanne Thomas

Suzanne Thomas
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Books by Suzanne Thomas


Her Mates (2010)

Her Mates by Suzanne Thomas, ok let me just say....... Whoa, please someone put out the fire! I don't know what to say but holy moley this book was HOT! And I don't mean just erotic hot, I mean seriously someone please poor some cold water on me hot!Now for starters I saw this book review yesterd...

Her Mates (2010) by Suzanne Thomas

Twin Pleasures (2010)

Wendy's ReviewTwin Pleasures is like the gum commercial—double the flavor, double the fun. Suzanne brought you to a world where you want twins and you want them now.Liana McCarty was helping her sister taking care of the horses and making sure everything got done in the barn. What is the old adag...

Twin Pleasures (2010) by Suzanne Thomas

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