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Heir Of Novron (2012)

Heir of Novron (2012)

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About book Heir Of Novron (2012)

It's not often I read a fantasy series with an ending that makes me stop, shake my head and say "Wow! Just wow! That was truly exceptional!" This series was quite an emotional rollercoaster, with webs within webs, plots within plots, and a secret that Mr. Sullivan saved for the last page that left me with a big, goofy grin on my face. But as I closed the book and thought back on this epic story, it became clear that its greatest strength arose from the relationship between Royce and Hadrian. (Big surprise right? Looks like I won't be winning any awards for originality or literary criticism anytime soon. Haha) Like the two sides of Royce's dagger, the two characters appear to be as different as night and day. But beneath the surface, their characters are far more complex, far more human, than first impressions indicate. These men are brothers in arms, bound together by the strongest ties of fellowship and love, and by the end of the tale it becomes clear that each has "saved" the other, both physically and spiritually. Perhaps I'm an old-fashioned romantic, but I love a happy ending. And while not every character receives their just desserts, there is an important sense of balance and equilibrium at the end. Yoric's cryptic words prove prophetic, as the invisible hand of Destiny guides our heroes to a conclusion that, while not too shocking, is still very satisfying. 4.5 stars. I'll try to write this review while giving the least amount of spoilers possible.This book was amazing. I have a lot of feelings about it and things to say about it and in order to make it coherent, I'll write the pros and cons. That'll make it easier.Pros:All the plot lines were tied up neatly, every character got a proper climax. This is very important to me and I hate it when it doesn't happen (Christopher Paolini, I'm looking at you).The whole mystery about the heir and the background story of the elves and rituals were very well thought out and written. Brilliant. It wasn't altogether a surprise, I figured it out by the beginning of the book but it was immensely satisfying nonetheless.The dialogues and chemistry between most of the characters was fabulous most of the time (exceptions are discussed in the cons section) and most characters developed really well.Especially Myron, he really was totally adorable and awesome and his interaction with his sister Alenda was pure gold.The whole adventure around Amberton Lee was fantastic as well. The whole underground quest was a lot of fun. Exactly what I look for in sword and sorcery adventures.Being a diehard romantic I truly dislike the death of characters but it was really handled well.Now,the Cons:Some characters really regressed: Amilia, who was awesome in the previous books is reduced to a snivelling little emotional wreck of a girl. She's either crying or is fantasizing about crying, and all because she doesn't know how to flirt or behave like a rich person.Sir Breckton who is a good character most of time and has great chemistry with every other character is bloody annoying when he and Amilia are together. Their interactions are cringeworthy and every time he tries to become poetic and flirt with her in his "virtuous knightly" ways, it made me groan. The pages involving Amilia were seriously hard to get through, like wading through quagmire.Alric for all his nicety and bravery is a chauvanist pig with low self esteem who deserves a kick in his teeth (or nuts). That said , he was still better than Amilia.One complain I have is that Hadrian and many other constantly say how scary and dangerous Royce is, but in all the three books we are given hardly a glimpse of his ruthlessness or how dangerous he can be. That feels like a letdown.The death of major characters is something I just cannot accept , especially when it has something to do with prophecies and that is the reason I will not give this book 5 stars. No matter how well it was handled, it still feels like a gut punch, it could have been avoided. Bittersweet endings are NOT necessary to create impact.All that said, I wish Michael J Sullivan gets to write a lot more books and I for one will be eagerly awaiting his next epic fantasy series. Ending a brilliant trilogy with the best book of the series is very hard work and he nailed it (well ,almost). There are two prequel books about Riyria but knowing how it all ends has reduced my enthusiasm to read them. Maybe I'll read them a few months down the line when the pain isn't so deep and the adrenaline rush wears off. Till then, I will do my best to implore others to read this trilogy.

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Epic. Bloated. Rambling and digressive. But I enjoyed it enough to finish it.

Incredibly satisfying ending to a great series.

Decided on the stars. Review to come.

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