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Heaven And Hell (2000)

Heaven and Hell (2000)

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About book Heaven And Hell (2000)

I liked parts of this book but it was very generic Kristen Ashley. Neither of the main characters stood out to me and I felt like they were the same characters of hers I've read before. I really like most of her books but some can get repetitive and this was one of them. If you haven't read many KA books I think you'll like this one but if you've read a few of her other books, I think you'll get how I feel about this one. I still love KA though and will continue to read her books, this one just didn't quite do it for me. This book was bumping along, I was enjoying it and then BAM! The hero becomes sort of a dick. Sort of ruined the feel of the rest of the book for me. I get that we all have shit we want to hide from our significant others, especially in the beginning of a relationship (stupid things we did before we met them, bad times, perhaps traumas or deaths we'd rather never relive). However, there comes a time when that info should probably be shared, and that is probably before you move in together. Kia has literally hollowed herself out telling Sam about her past because he demanded it, wouldn't take any less. But when she asks the smallest of questions of him (about his dead brother, about where he is going, who he is meeting, who he is talking to on the phone that necessitates he leave whatever room she is in), he shuts down completely. Not cool. At least she was smart enough to know that, though. Although, it was odd that she was willing and able to leave Sam for not sharing enough with her, holding himself back, but she stayed with "Cooter" (Jesus, that name is ridiculous—and as someone from a fairly hillbilly state, I've never known anyone called that) through his beatings. Weird. And the end...I was not a fan of some random character mentioned a handful of times in passing, never even given a name, being the vehicle for the epilogue. It was actually a little creepy to me that Kia had apparently tracked him down to send stuff to him.

Do You like book Heaven And Hell (2000)?

I liked it, it was emotional and enjoyable. I found it not to be one of the best Kristen' book tho.

This was my least favorite Kristen Ashley book. It wasnt horrible, just not very good either.


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