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Heart On A Chain (2000)

Heart on a Chain (2000)

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About book Heart On A Chain (2000)

Individual people are passionate towards different things. I'm passionate about books and putting a stop to Domestic Abuse. This book hits a nerve that resounds throughout my body and awakens such strong emotion in me.It opens everyone's eyes to what possibilities may be going on around us, it just makes us that much more aware of what we are saying and how it could affect a sensitive soul. I'm sure Kate's story has touched many people's hearts and not only that but it's given people hope. Hope that one day they will be safe from the abuse. It may inspire the courage to ask for help.I've read so many books but only a special few can touch my heart as this one does, when I cried at the words in this book they meant so much more than sadness, they were for her, they were for Kate. She may only be a character in a book but I felt as if I knew her and I wanted so much to climb inside the book and comfort her.Henry is such a wonderful young man, he's so sensitive. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he when he loves he does it intensely. I would, just as many other girls love to have a boy like that in my life. But unfortunately that is not the case in reality.The book...Kate Mosley was just like any other child, she was happy, loved and care free just as she should have been. She had a best friend call Henry Jamison in Elementary School. But Everything changed. Henry moved away and her parents became cold and didn't love her as they should.Years later she's in High School and Henry has moved back and she's nothing like the care free girl she once was. She's always quiet and is the school's favorite bullying victim. Kate has no friends and is mortified when Henry returns. He probably thinks she's a scruff too. He'll start bullying her too. So she tries to run from him.But Kate is wrong, Henry wants to befriend her. He's completely bemused at her blatant need to get away from him. He's completely confused. He's not sure what has happened to her whilst he has been gone. As he fits into High School it becomes obvious to him that Kate is everyone's favorite bullying victim and it enrages him. He realizes he must be cautious were Kate is concerned and tries to befriend her.As they get closer to one another Henry learns Kate's painful secret she's been keeping from him and he vows to do whatever he must to keep her safe. But Kate is stubborn and that stubbornness may be the one thing that takes her from Henry.I rate this book 5 stars and recommend any reader to read this. Mucho tiempo en mi lista de pendientes y al fin lo leí.Kate es una chica que vive con su madre drogadicta que la golpea y su padre alcohólico al cual casi nunca ve. Henry se mudo años atrás y cuando vuelve encuentra a Kate muy distinta sin amigos y siendo la burla de la escuela por su ropa de segunda mano ella solo intenta pasar desapercibida pero con el regreso de Henry eso no será nada fácil el esta dispuesto a recuperar su amistad pero Kate desconfía de el y tendrá que demostrarle que sus intenciones son buenas. Los sentimientos de ambos van cambiando durante todo el libro y Henry le demostrara a Kate lo que es el amor no solo de pareja si no familiar pero al final algo que ninguno esperaba los podrá separar o unirlos mas

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Made me cry. Would love a sequel.

This book was a great read!

Cried so much T.T

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