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Handyman (2008)

Handyman (2008)

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I love this book! It's one of my fave m/m romances. I think because I love the character of Jack so damned much.I really like rough and ready guys, guys who do ordinary jobs. I find them sooooo much sexier than all these ridiculous gazillionairres (although I love Gideon Cross, so sue me). It's great to read about ordinary characters. Yeah Will is a richer younger guy - but he's not some super gazillionairre with a private jet and a secret liking for spanking young ladies who remind him of his mother!Jack is a down to earth older guy, he's a carpenter and he is sooooo sexy. I want a Jack for myself (and as well as being super hot he could knock you up some great cabinets - what's not to like?).I def rec this book, it's sweet and hot. I really liked this story although for me it moved just too slow. I loved that the couple fell in love slowly, that they discovered sex between them slowly. There were a few moments that were angsty which compelled me to read a little faster but I found the pace just too slow for me. I also found that I really didn't fall in love with either of the characters either. That may have been the main problem why I just can't rate this story higher.

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I loved this one!! I read it three times but i totally forgot to put this under read..

A very sweet coming out story. I love this book. One of my favorite m/m reads.

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