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Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson
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Books by Claire Thompson


Herz nach Maß (2013)

Beautiful tale of discovery. Of feelings and sexuality. Of love and companionship. Of family and friends. Nice read. Will was amazingly sweet towards Jack from the start and Jack was so brave trying to get out of his comfort zone after a lifetime of repressed joy. They really did seem like teenag...

Herz nach Maß (2013) by Claire Thompson

Handyman (2008)

I love this book! It's one of my fave m/m romances. I think because I love the character of Jack so damned much.I really like rough and ready guys, guys who do ordinary jobs. I find them sooooo much sexier than all these ridiculous gazillionairres (although I love Gideon Cross, so sue me). It's g...

Handyman (2008) by Claire Thompson

Slave Island (2011)

Well it was no 'Slave Castle'that's for sure. This was an awful rape, torture,fear for their lives story that was not a turn on in the least.I read through it non stop hoping for a as happy as it could get ending.I think I'll just re read "Slave Castle" and forget all about that horrible island.S...

Slave Island (2011) by Claire Thompson

Hard Corps (2000)

This is the story of Remy, a young female cadet at a coed military college, who is initiated into the Hard Corp, a secret society of masters and slaves. She receives assignments to meet certain people and do what she's told. There isn't that much actual sex, but there is a lot of CP, which is sur...

Hard Corps (2000) by Claire Thompson

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