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Half-Blood (2011)

Half-Blood (2011)

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0983157200 (ISBN13: 9780983157205)
Spencer Hill Press

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Alex es una joven increíblemente decidida, una adolescente cuyos manejos de las situaciones, sentimientos y obstinación la convierten en un fuerte personaje en mi lista de ADORADAS!Y que mas decir sobre Aiden(? *suspirando de amor*Aiden es la clase de chico que necesitamos en la vida real, aunque también lo amo en el libro!! ES CONSIDERADO, TIERNO, PROTECTOR Y RAZONABLE!!Quien no querria un chico asi?? Adore mucho este libro, y alcanzo totalmente mis expectativas, e incluso las supero.Era obvio que me iba a gustar... osea... LO ESCRIBIO JENNIFER ARMENTROUT!!PD: Caleb es adorable!!PD 2 :Seth... es Seth! The first full book in the Covenant series was interesting, not as addictive as the Lux series but pretty darn good. I am already pretty sure that it is just inevitable that Alex and Aidan will end up together and not Alex and Seth. Even though the former are both Apollyons. I also have a sneaking suspision that Leon is actually the God Apollo, just a feeling I have. BUt back to Aidan and Alex even though they almost did it in this book but now Aidan is putting distance between them because of the Breed Order we will see how long that last. Over all a pretty good fast read.

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I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads. Review to come

I'm really disappointed that this turned out to be a Vampire Academy copy.

Great and captivating! Another book I hated to put down!

This is so much better than Vampire Academy.

it's nice to read this one for spare time..

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