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Gunmetal Magic (2012)

Gunmetal Magic (2012)

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My capacity for inhaling huge amounts of classy trash never ceases to amaze me. In the past week I've read eight of these mother-effers, which kinda cuts into having a real life. It does not escape my attention that one of the Goodreads readers I admire most (Stela) will have chomped through an Ilato Calvino, an Alberto Moravia and something Russian, dark and heavy--all while I'm spending my time with were-lions and magic blood princesses grappling in the dirt with lust. Eight of them. Jesu. In my defense, I confess these books are compulsive reading, and the writers clearly have been exposed to just as much sci-fi junk as I have, so I feel a certain kinship. Not only that, they write terrific Nick-and-Nora-esque banter that thrills me to death--the rest of my life so lackluster in the romantic regard. I know what kind of people read these kinds of novels--people for whom the world is just not as interesting, safe, enjoyable, fun, or manageable as their imaginations. Guess that pretty much sums me up. Gunmetal magic was a book that I wanted to read only because I loved the Kate Daniels books so much. But now that I've read it, I'm sad there's not another Andrea book to read.It has all the same shapeshifters and vampires and crazy magic stuff as Kate Daniels, but not the frantic epic scale of having to kill your dad at the end. It feels more real. And Andrea is pretty much just as cool as Kate. She's a retired Knight. She can turn into a hyenawere, she is the best at distance weapons.The world of Kate Daniels has so much in it. It's sad that in the Kate books we are too concerned with the endgame to really explore. And that's what this book does. It let's us explore the parts of the world the Kate just cuts through. It fleshed out the "background characters" who are sometimes more interesting than Kate and Curran because they are not quite so noble.I hope Ilona Andrews gets around to writing another Andrea book someday! I really enjoyed it.

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It wasn't so good as previous 5 books. I am looking forward to the next book about Kate.



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