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Grave Memory. Kalayna Price (2012)

Grave Memory. Kalayna Price (2012)

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0718193024 (ISBN13: 9780718193027)
Berkley UK

About book Grave Memory. Kalayna Price (2012)

This series is growing on me. I wasn't in love with it to start but the characters are not as annoying and flat as I originally thought they were. So I will gladly give this a 4. The plot for this one is a long the same vein as the others which is normal for a series and I do enjoy the love triangle the is ever present a long with the rest of the plot. Alex was too immature for me originally. I wasn't to yell and tell her to put her big girl panties on an just deal but she seems to be growing up as the books progress and she is learning to deal with people and situations better which makes the books easier to read. It's weird, but the story is much better than the romance. Even though the story was so screwed up near the end, it was a good story. But while I came to dislike Falin less for his performence in Faerie (and probably for his absence in most of the book), I almost wept for Death. He was such a wonderfull character when he wasn't there so much until he stopped looking like a responsible guy and turned into a guy mesmerized by the heroine. :(What I hate the most about this series - nobody ever thinks about consequences.

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I really like this series. The world building is very good, as is the action and the mystery.

I'm so loving this series! Can't wait for the next book!!!!

This book was so dull that I put it down after page three.

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