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Grave Memory (2012)

Grave Memory (2012)

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About book Grave Memory (2012)

The latest installment of Alex Craft not only brings her a little closer to knowing what she really is, it also brings her into more intimate relationships with the two special men in her life. It has magic, action, a little sex but not too much. It introduces brownies, in the ancient don't say thank you style. The biggest negative was the lack of any editing starting in chapter 38. At that point it's still very interesting, but the constant need to edit everything made it less than enjoyable. Some examples: "Death left... when he eventually returned, he may or ay not not be able to share". Or how about "Death went ridged" which could be very interesting but not what the author probably meant. There were other examples through the book, but the last few chapters were riddled (not rigid or ridged) with errors. It is amazing for me to realize that this book is just as wonderful if not MORE wonderful than the two that proceed it. Truly, it blows me away! I'm so happy! :-DNot wanting to give anything away, no spoilers from me, let me just say that I love Death and am just no so fond of Falin any more! ;-)This book just takes everything to a whole new level. There is a bittersweet quality to the entire book. I didn't want it to end yet knew that it had to. It's was like knowing that your friends had to leave for a bit, dreading it yet looking forward to seeing them again. That reminds me, I need to pick up the next book in the series. ;-)As in all good books there's a bad guy - well there are several degrees of bad guys in this one, LOL! There are the good guys. There are the sometimes good and often bad guys that actually help a little. There are scary creatures, creatures you thought were good who are really scary, and truly lovely people. There is the usual distrust, the tension, the thrill of excitement and of anxiety. Everything you could ever want, this series has it all! :-D My favorite part? The characters themselves. I feel like I could walk up to them and know them as people, as friends. I love that feeling! That makes the best book! :-DDon't jump into this series in the middle, take the time to start at the beginning, you'll be very glad you did. :-)XXOO~Hope

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Hope the author gets through what ever is going in her life and gets back to her writing.

Love the cliff hanger at the end, can't wait for the 4th installment

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