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Gooney Bird And The Room Mother (2006)

Gooney Bird and the Room Mother (2006)

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3/19/2014 tENNUI - the feeling that comes with wearing matching socks, as described by Gooney Bird Greene.Oh, how I can relate to that!!!!Or a made-bed before 8:00 a.m. or Heaven forbid, ALL my laundry done - including the hand-washables. OR bills paid early. OR a docile hubby!!Who expected such deep psyche probing from a 2nd grade book??But the matching socks analogy is appropriate for why I'm living in Hampshire, in Michigan, and with measurable chaos.Boredom is the beast in the back of the closet that frightens me most.Ok, so there is more to the story . . . about the need for a Room Mother, a Thanksgiving Pageant and Mural (or Muriel - named after school secretary), 22 New dictionaries and the words looked up by the class.Gooney Bird is adorable and it's fun getting to know and adore Miss Pidgeon and the rest of the classmates' personalities.Thanksgiving music written by Miss Pidgeon:to the tune of:Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the WaySuccotash, Succotash, Lima Beans and Cornahhhh....2nd grade......

In Mrs. Pidgeon's second grade class, the Thanksgiving pageant will be coming up shortly. The class does not have a room mother. Each student has a reason for why their mother is unable to help out. The principal is becoming very impatient. Gooney Bird Greene comes to the rescue as she is once again right smack in the middle of everything!It's a mystery as to who the room mother will be, but Gooney Bird is on the search and has an idea. Will the room mother arrive in time for the Thanksgiving day pageant?She sure does, and it's Mrs. Pigeon's mother! Tears are shed, and the students are excited and Gooney Bird once again makes the classroom of students smile.This book was great! I had read Gooney Bird Greene before but I never had the opportunity to read this one. I think that when I read Gooney Bird to my students, I will read this book afterwards. My students always love listening to Gooney Bird Greene. I think there is another Gooney Bird book and I would be interested in reading that one as well.

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I decided to read this book based off of the previous book I had read by this author, considering I liked that other book I though I would give this one a try. Last week’s book taught the lesson of being unique and this book teaches kids different vocabulary words, which I think would make a great read aloud book during the Thanksgiving season. This book is about Gooney Bird getting ready to do the pageant of the First Thanksgiving. While getting ready for the play they stumble upon a little problem and that is finding someone to make cupcakes for the play Gooney Bird volunteers to find someone to make cupcakes but only if she gets the lead part in exchange.
—Alondra Munoz

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