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A Summer To Die (1983)

A Summer to Die (1983)

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About book A Summer To Die (1983)

"A Summer to Die" written by Lois Lowry is a realistic fiction story that takes us on a memorable journey about 2 sisters that have distinctive interest and personality. I would recommend this book to everyone as it enlightens us on the nature of life and the ways to overcome obstacles that stand in our way.The theme of the book could be closely related to perseverance in life as it's cohesively described throughout the various subplots displayed. Lowry had cleverly captivated my attention by conjuring up a series of emotions that had danced together well with different literary elements. The amount of insanity and disappointment was absymal in this novel. Besides this, the plethora of descriptive adjectives used as well as the consistent progress of character development complimented the author's style of writing. The exposition starts us off with the overwhelming covetous calamity faced by the siblings because of their appearance. Later, the story forged into a more heated surrounding filled with ultimate sorrow and resentfulness. Lowry's contagious enthusiasm could be proven through the vigorous development of the protagonist and the antagonist in every chapter. This was essentially the essence of the story as it formulated the suspense and smoothness that aided to strengthen the plot. Furthermore, to add a flavor to the melancholic environment, Lowry decided to weave in a couple of intricate detours that involve the protagonist and other minor characters.To be honest,Lowry was impeccable as she made every character shoulder the same amount of responsibility and this aspect made the book a unique one. The message had also been conveyed through the dynamic character throughout the story as fulfills her daily tasks in various dimensions of life."Don't dwell on the past, focus on the future. That's why the rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield" sums up the lesson gained from the plot.The simile applied in this quote is to reinforce in making perseverance and patience as priority in our life as it will be the solution to most of our obstacles. I would strongly encourage all siblings to read this book and this will stregthen the bond and love shared among each other.

Meg Chalmers and her family live in Boston. Her father, who is a college professor, was writing a book. Meg's family moved out into the country, so that her family would have peace and quiet to write his book. Meg and her sister Molly weren't excited about moving. Then they found out they would be bunking together which didn't make moving any better. Molly was so gorgeous and popular and Meg couldn't be more jealous. ThemeThe theme I got out of this book was don't take advantage of anything. Meg and Molly fought constantly, and then Molly got sick. Every time Molly would get sick Meg blamed herself for it. Then when Molly would come home the fighting would start all over again. Then the day Meg was told Molly was going to die is when everything changed. That day was the day that Meg understood she would lose her sister. This book just really opens your eyes that bad things can happen; so you shouldn't take advantage of anything.Text to selfThis text connects to me because I have lost people I loved. I have also seen other people lose someone they love. When Briggs Buck died it gave me the same theme in life as this book did. I wasn't super close to Briggs but people I love very much were. Seeing people I love go through such a tremendous hurt reminded me of this book. No I didn't love Meg, but you do have a connection with the character in the book. I felt hurt for the friends I love, but I also felt hurt for Meg.I really enjoyed this book. The only reason I didn't give it all 5 stars is because the book is kind of dated. I thought the whole plot of the book was beautiful. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is a sad book, so if you don't like sad books I wouldn't recommend it to that person. Overall this is a amazing book.

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Meg is green with envy of her fifteen year old sister Molly, who has the qualities she wishes she had, beuty and popularity. When their family moves to a small house in New England their bickering increases and Molly's health takes a turn for the worse.Soon Molly is starting to visit the hospital frequently while her attitude changes drastically. After Meg awakens to find her sister drenched in blood she is sent to the hospital for a long period of time, leaving Meg's questions about her sister's well being unanswered. This book is a great example of one of Louis Lowry's finer pieces of writing. Throughout the book my eyes were watering and I had a lump in my throat, A Summer to Die will just make you that emotional! I had no problems with this book except that the outcome of the situation is revealed right in the title! That's like changing the title of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to It Was All Just a Dream. For those of you who just want a nice short book to cry to this book is for you. If you like the books that are sad, try reading Chains. It's about a girl born into slavery with a five year old sister who are sold to a couple in New York during the American Revolution. They have to endure the lack of respect and beatings that weren't in the life they had with their old master. What these two books share is that they both have sisters are lost from one another, and are very emotional.

I just reread this book about five times because I couldn't get enough of the quiet, beautiful heartbreak. I don't remember when I first read it, perhaps in elementary school, but I know I got it from the library many years in a row. I rediscovered it in college and it broke my heart (again), but even then, I was still too mired in childhood and self to notice the richness of the characters' relationships.Reading it now was such a revelation. Here are some things I never picked up on as a young

A Summer to Die by Lois Lowry begins with the upsetting news that Meg and Molly are moving into a new home where they will have to share a room. Meg and Molly are sisters who have lived in competition with each other their whole lives, but one night when Molly suddenly awakens in the middle of the night covered in blood their lives change forever. Molly is terribly sick with a horrible disease and Meg is all of a sudden forced to watch her sister die before her eyes day in and day out. Meg is suddenly refusing hospital visits because she cannot face the reality of her sister’s disease. After witnessing the birth of a newborn Meg maturely decides to go and see her sister. Just before the death of Molly, Molly’s family is reunited to bond and help each other heal. I do not know if I would have this book in my classroom just because I do not know how many students would want to voluntarily read such a heart heavy book, but it would be a great book to suggest to students going through tough times like death to help them cope.
—Jacquelyn Hoogendyk

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