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Good (2013)

Good (2013)

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149097136X (ISBN13: 9781490971360)
Penny Press Publishing

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I feel really wrong for how much I enjoyed this book. Like I'm endorsing a 28yo teacher seducing his 17yo student. I'm not! But like a car crash I just couldn't look away. There was so much morally wrong with this story but in some weird way I could totally empathise with both Mark and Cadence too. Some of Mark's words were manipulative and predatory at times and I was waiting for him to really be a bad guy but he wasn't. I read from all this that he has an undisclosed past that explains his obsession with Cadence and I imagine the next book will address this. I think I read the last 10% with a racing heart, so fearful of them finally getting caught which surely was inevitable. I found this an intriguing read and I HAVE to know their outcome in book two. The writer doesn't hold back either. For a book involving a 17yo this was very graphic and honest. The fact that this book is about a student/teacher affair makes me want to give it five stars. I love forbidden romance books. But in the specific student/teacher category I already love Gabriels Inferno and Slammed so much that this just couldn't match up to them. That and I had a few issues with the book. First off the main character is 17 and she acts 17. But she is seeing a man who is 28. I do not have an issue with an age difference if their personalities and mental ages seem to match up- but here they do not. Second issue is with the plot. Not all that much really happens in the book, which is almost 400 pages. I feel like more exciting things should have happened. The book ends and leaves you hanging so you have to read the second to know what happens. I want to read it but I don't think I will be running out to try to get it right away.

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Damn this was good! Sexy, thought provoking and just a little bit confronting! Loved it!

DNF... couldn't stand the main character and it lost me~

Omg I'm literally speechless. Amazing.

Amazing! I loved it

3.5 stars

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