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Go The F**K To Sleep (2011)

Go The F**K To Sleep (2011)

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Everyone has said this,(some of us in our minds, some of us out-loud) if you deny it you are lying.Reading some of the comments I must say that some are taking the book a tad to seriously, obviously it is not something you would read to your children out loud, obviously it is not a masterpiece, and I don't think the author set out for it to be.It is a play on the asinine books that are written for parents to read to their children at bed time. I myself refused to read those kind of books to my kids, read them Tom Sawyer at night. I doubt he thought he would win a Pulitzer Prize for writing it.And if you don't have children, you might just not get it.Just read it and laugh, I think that is what he meant it for. Bahahaha! Picked this up in a card shop and decided it would be a permanent item on the gifts for friends with new babies list. (Helps that they all have a sense of humor.)This not the sweet I-love-you-so-much books about night night time. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of those too. This book goes to the other side of reality - it is the fight song for the pushed-past-exhaustion parents out there who just need the kid to go to sleep.

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Way funny. If you have children that don't want to sleep, plz read. This book is way to funny.

Cute story, but probably not read at many story hours.

Pretty Funny Book, must read!!

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