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Go The F--k To Sleep (2011)

Go the F--k to Sleep (2011)

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About book Go The F--k To Sleep (2011)

Brilliant! Loved the Illustrations and Samuel L Jackson for the audio version is perfect! It was hard to know which to buy! Lots of people can relate to this, but all those who don't have children read this then they would perhaps understand why their friend/relative with a young child is perhaps a little odd/cranky/perpetually exhausted/short-fused or perhaps (maybe as well as) lacking in ability to think or make intelligent conversation I love this book as it gives voice to thoughts I dare not speaks. Like parents all around the world I love my kids to bits but they push my tolerance and frustration levels to the max. Go the Fuck To Sleep is the ultimate bedtime story for adults that will leave you in stiches one of the funniest books I have EVER READ. It's glad to know that I am not the only one that have wished my children would just go the fuck to sleep.

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This was narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and I can honestly say it made my day.

I thought it was hilarious. Every parent has been there!

Hilarious!!! Omg. I almost peed myself.

5 stars for swearing.

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