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Getting Over Garrett Delaney (2012)

Getting Over Garrett Delaney (2012)

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About book Getting Over Garrett Delaney (2012)

This book was great! It's about a girl, Sadie who's been in love with her best friend for two whole years.. She does everything with him, bases her like and dislikes on his and basically makes him the centre of her universe ( her words, not mine :P ) all the while, Garett, the object of her obsession -ahem, affections- is oblivious to her pining. He believes their friendship to be completely platonic..Soon, he goes away to literary camp and Sadie (who starts working at coffee shop to pass the time without her one true love) decides to take matters into her own hands after her unrequited love for Garett causes hilarious ( not to her, I'm sure) accidents. She takes advice from her mother, an over all life coach and professional motivator on how to fall out of love (hypothetically, of course *wink wink*) and prepares a customized twelve step guide on getting over Garett Delaney. She garners the support of her coffee shop colleagues and has many adventures on the way to finding out who the real Sadie is.I loved this book because I could totally relate to it.. We've all been there, the unattainable boy (or girl) that has forever friendzoned us.We only ever see them and raise them so high in our regard that all others pale in comparison and as they climb higher and higher up the ladder of our worship, our self esteem starts sinking.. We lose sight of who we are, always trying to be the person they want.. Sadie experiences all of this and more and tries her best to change it with the help of an awesome set of friends!This book is a heart warming story about coming of age and finding yourself, learning the difference between actually loving someone and worshipping them because they seem to good for you With laughs and friendship sprinkled in, this book is a perfect recipe, if you ask me! This book was one of the most amazing ones I've ever read. I bought it for beach holidays in Greece and thought it to be a shallow easy-going story for in between.When I started the book I still felt like that.But when Sadie starts to realize that she needed to change, and not only to become more distant to Garry, I started to fall in love with her and this undescribeable book! In her progress of finding herself and who she is and what she likes one can identify with her in so many ways as it also makes you think about your own life.After reading this book I was totally inspired and started to think about my life and what I personally could do and whether I often try to imitate somebody else or whether I have e.g. my own style and so on.So everyone who needs new power for everyday stuff or being more optimistic should read this book.

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