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Frozen Heat (2012)

Frozen Heat (2012)

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I've enjoyed the Nikki Heat books because of the tie in to the TV show, which I enjoy watching. They've been a fun and entertaining reading experience, where I find myself picturing the fictional TV show characters as the characters in the books. It actually adds dimension to the reading experience. The fun of a fictional character being the books' author is an entertaining marketing twist.This particular book, I thought was the best one yet. It kept me fully engaged, and I didn't loose tract of characters and storylines like I did in the previous book. I forgot about the gimmicks and became fully engaged in the mystery. Well, one tie in did make me smile, their is a pair of detectives that help out, named Malcolm and Reynolds; for all of us Fire Fly/Serenity fans, that was the lead character, and Captain, played by Nathan Fillion, who is also supposed to be Richard Castle. I love the plug and the humour behind it. This was a good book. I couldn't even tell you the exact reason why I love these books. Perhaps it is the whimsy of how they play into the TV series? Maybe it is the characters that are the reason I keep coming back. All I know is that I have yet to read one of the "Heat" books and not be left wanting more.In this particular book I found myself unable to put it down. The author(s) are able to weave a mystery that has me guessing who and what is going to come up next. There are always curveballs that leaves my jaw on the floor. As I am not usually one for mystery or detective books it is always a pleasant surprise to me how wrapped up in the book I get. Fantastic reads and much recommended!

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I'm convinced that the ghost writer are the script writers. Great book all the same.

I like the TV series much better. Not a fan of the writing in this book.

Tue caskett feels though

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