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Series: Timing

by Author Mary Calmes


Dopo il tramonto (2000)

Wow. I really love it when a sequel is just as good or even better than the first book and Mary Calmes succeeded here. Stef and Rand are back and it's lovely to come home to them. Knowing the writing is going to be fabulous, that Stef will still be snarky and funny. That Rand will be so hotly pos...

Dopo il tramonto (2000) by Mary Calmes

Mauvais Timing (2013)

This was my first Mary Calmes, but I've read the reviews. I know the formula, and I saw it throughout this story. Recognizing it, this was an enjoyable fluffy read. There were dark moments, but they didn't pack the punch that they could have. I wasn't frustrated though. There was sweet, and it wa...

Mauvais Timing (2013) by Mary Calmes

Tempo al tempo (2013)

A funny romantic/sexy read. Stefan is the gay BFF of Charlotte and when he goes back to Texas for her wedding he dreads seeing her brother Rand as Rand seems to hate him and the feeling is mutual. On this visit though Rand seems to want to do more than torture him! Their hate/hate relationship...

Tempo al tempo (2013) by Mary Calmes