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Series: The Winemaker's Dinner

by Author Ivan Rusilko


Dessert (2013)

Spoiler alert! It was very hard to get through this book. I understand heartbreak & the things people do to survive but I felt like 75% of this book was all about Ivan's sexual conquests. I found myself skimming over chapters because I just wanted to kick him in the balls. The last straw was him ...

Dessert (2013) by Ivan Rusilko

Entrée (2012)

I was severely disappointed with this second installment. I disliked Jaden's internal battle dialog. I was also put off by many of the other conversations between Ivan & various people. Especially when he says he would go on a wild screwing spree if things didn't work out with Jaden. Put a bad ta...

Entrée (2012) by Ivan Rusilko

Appetizers (2012)

Jaden Thorne is the beautiful, bright new rising star chef at one of Miami's hottest restaurants.The devastatingly handsome Dr. Ivan Rusilko is a wellness/nutrition/sexual health physician, and mover and shaker in the Miami social scene.When their paths cross at the super swank, Winemaker's dinne...

Appetizers (2012) by Ivan Rusilko

Carnaval de Amor: Aperitivos (2014)

I really enjoyed this book. I originally downloaded a free novella of the book which just showed how Jaden and Dr. Ivan met. I was hooked and purchased the full book. It was a great read. I thought the book was well written as the authors were able to make me feel a lot of the emotions of the cha...

Carnaval de Amor: Aperitivos (2014) by Ivan Rusilko