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Series: The Love Trials

by Author J.S. Cooper


The Love Trials 3 (2000)

**Spoiler Alert**In order to give you an honest review, I must reveal some spoilers, sorry. I will try my best to not ruin the read for you completely if you decide to get this book.Narrator review: Marami Hung has delivered another great performance in the final chapter of this short series. ...

The Love Trials 3 (2000) by J.S. Cooper

The Love Trials 2 (2000)

Audiobook reviewThis book is part 2 of 3. This book picks up right where part 1 leaves off. Nancy overhears a conversation between Jaxon, her "instructor", and his father, the owner of the school. Boy is Nancy pissed after she hears what they were talking about! She marches off towards her ro...

The Love Trials 2 (2000) by J.S. Cooper

The Love Trials 1 (2000)

This book is a HOT idea! It's all about, well suppose to be, learning how to seduce a man. That's what the Lovers Academy claims to be all about anyways...Seriously, why don't we have such a place for real?Nancy, a naive 18-year-old, has it bad for her former high school teacher Hunter. After ...

The Love Trials 1 (2000) by J.S. Cooper