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Series: The Death Gate Cycle

by Author Margaret Weis


Into the Labyrinth (1994)

Questo è uno dei miei cicli fantasy preferiti. In sette libri viene creato un sistema di mondi coerente ed intrigante, in cui si muovono personaggi non sempre pienamente consapevoli delle loro azioni. Tutto è permeato da una sorta di patina fascinosa e magica, un'atmosfera avventurosa come se ne ...

Into the Labyrinth (1994) by Margaret Weis

The Seventh Gate (1995)

From the series review here.A terribly disappointing end to what started out as an awesome series. Almost no story arcs had a true resolution, random stuff that doesn’t make sense showing up from left field, and an epilogue that’s some dumbed down version of the story’s original premise. Hint: If...

The Seventh Gate (1995) by Margaret Weis

Dragon Wing (1990)

I did not expect to like this one as much as I did. Sure, I'd heard good things about the series, and had always kinda meant to read it, but just about everyone who raved about it (or about any of Weis and Hickman's combined work) would talk about how amazing said books were when read at a relati...

Dragon Wing (1990) by Margaret Weis

Fire Sea (1992)

Fire Sea is book 3 of 7 in The Death Gate Cycle. The Death Gate Cycle is set in the far future, a post-apocalyptic world that looks a lot like traditional fantasy worlds—full of humans, elves, and dwarves—but with a twist more in keeping with science fiction. A war between two other races, Patr...

Fire Sea (1992) by Margaret Weis