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Series: The Darksword

by Author Margaret Weis


Forging the Darksword (1988)

I started reading some of the Dragonlance novels quite a few years back, and I've always enjoyed the core books written by Weis & Hickman, so I decided to give their non-Dragonlance-related fantasy a shot. I love fantasy that came out in the '80s, they seem to have a particular soul and atmospher...

Forging the Darksword (1988) by Margaret Weis

Legacy of the Darksword (1997)

I read this trilogy in High school at a time when I had little interest in fantasy ( read either classic literature or horror) I found the trilogy absoloutly enrapturing but was sadly forced to give it back to the friend that loaned it to me. Years later when I started reading heavily again I sta...

Legacy of the Darksword (1997) by Margaret Weis

Triumph of the Darksword (1988)

The boiling conclusion to another trilogy7 February 2012tI have noticed that for a lot of these older books that I have read (older referring to an earlier time in my life as opposed to the books being written a long time ago) I seem to open the comment with 'my friend gave it to me and said that...

Triumph of the Darksword (1988) by Margaret Weis