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Series: The Butternut Lake Trilogy

by Author Mary McNear


Un merveilleux été (2014)

When I had only read the first two chapters, I thought this book would be horrible. But it really grew on me! Once it got past the cliches of poorly written beach reads, I decided I actually enjoyed the plot and the characters, for the most part. There were a few random things thrown in that seem...

Un merveilleux été (2014) by Mary McNear

Up at Butternut Lake (2014)

I had seen some nice reviews of "Up at Butternut Lake" and thought it would make a good end-of -summer read after a few heavier books I've read lately. I enjoy some chick-lit and this looked appealing. Sadly it did not meet my expectations. I found it slow as molasses with lots of repeated des...

Up at Butternut Lake (2014) by Mary McNear

Mon voisin du bord du lac (2014)

The first image that comes to my mind when thinking about this book is someone sitting by a cozy fireplace, wrapped in a blanket or snuggy. It's like a comfort read of sorts.This book is about a community of people from a very small town where most of the residents live by a lake-- Butternut Lak...

Mon voisin du bord du lac (2014) by Mary McNear