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Series: The Bow St. Agents: Spies In Love

by Author Caroline Linden


For Your Arms Only (2009)

This book was recommended and I found it pleasant enough except for the irksome issue of the British class system, which the author appears not to understand: the heroine's father had been a Sergeant in the English army and the hero had been an officer. There was no explanation for her gentility ...

For Your Arms Only (2009) by Caroline Linden

A View to a Kiss (2009)

Okay. Caroline Linden can write some smut that is hotter than hell. I'm still fanning myself over "One Night in London".However. This is not her greatest book. It's pretty good! But I saw the twist coming super-annoyingly early. Both twists. And then the latter half dragged. And Our Heroine was a...

A View to a Kiss (2009) by Caroline Linden