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A View To A Kiss (2009)

A View to a Kiss (2009)

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0061706353 (ISBN13: 9780061706356)

About book A View To A Kiss (2009)

Okay. Caroline Linden can write some smut that is hotter than hell. I'm still fanning myself over "One Night in London".However. This is not her greatest book. It's pretty good! But I saw the twist coming super-annoyingly early. Both twists. And then the latter half dragged. And Our Heroine was a little inconsistent and innocent and not really quite a match for Our Hero. And doesn't do anything but lust after him, giggle with her cousin (LOVED the cousin) and be bored by other men at balls. She doesn't even go RIDING, FFS. And there's not actually much smut. There's a lot of longing looks and frustrated lust though, which to be fair Linden also writes quite well. It was enjoyable, but if this weren't an ebook, I'd be putting it up on Paperback Swap. The first book I've read by Caroline Linden - the first in the Bow Street Agents: Spies in Love series.The book features our hero, Harry Sinclair, a man adept at masquerading in different roles. He believes he's protecting some of London's heavy hitters in politics but later comes to find all isn't as it seems. Our heroine is Lady Mariah Dunmore, only daughter of one of the men Harry is protecting.Pretty decent storyline. I wasn't blown away by it but I wasn't put off by it either. I'm definitely open to reading another book in this series.

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Meh. I never bought into the premise of the book and the resolution just didn't work for me.

Fine. Regency romance. Better than some story. Nice to see social differences bridged a bit

This was a very enjoyable read and a new take on a regency romance.

trashy romance. probably free on kindle.

3.5 stars

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